I spoke to a young man recently and I asked him: What are you doing to increase your earning power? He was caught aback. Earning power? He asked. Yes, I mean what I said. I said don’t spend all your money on that which will vanish, spend money on yourself to enable you earn more than you are at the moment. Working hard may be frustrating if it doesn’t lead to more earnings.

Working hard is not enough. You must learn to convert your hard work to more money. As you work hard, you must ask yourself: how can I do more within a limited time and earn more? That is what will lead you to increasing your earning power. A lot of people blame circumstances for their inability to increase their earnings after working so hard.

The first way to increase your earning power is to be a man of results. Do all you can to produce results. Only fools contest results. Outstanding results terminate insults. Your achievements increase your reputation in your organization. Through landmark results, you become a reference point during meetings. No organization wants to lose a man of results. They will do everything to keep you.

Some years back, some senior colleagues told my peers that if all regions are selling like this man’s region, we will have a better story to tell the MD. When you get such feedback, you are on your way to increasing your earning power. When an organization treats a man of results anyhow, another organization that knows his value will poach him. Results don’t come by wishing. You work it. You stay late, and you burn the midnight candle. You give your 110%. You dig your well. Results don’t come by fluke. They are the outcome of deliberate actions. This is why you must acknowledge the expertise of anyone who delivers results consistently. (To be continued)

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