The last two posts elucidated the importance of outstanding performance and added professional cum educational qualifications as those things that increases your earning power. Working hard alone won’t increase your earning power. You need these boosters. The third booster to be discussed in this post is your experience. Your experience on a job or in your career is expected to confer on you the ability to gain insights and expertise on a subject matter The issue of experience is something you have to be deliberate about.

Don’t be deceived by the number of years you have spent working in a place or in your career.Some people 20 years experience is one year’s experience repeated 20 times.Experience is expected to provide learning opportunities that will translate to improved skills and job expertise.

However, this has not been so for many people.This is why you must be deliberate about learning more than what you have been assigned to do.Take time to study other roles in your office, help your colleagues at work, and support your line manager in some of his tasks.

These are activities that will boost your experience.Your understanding of the subject matter will be evaluated when you are being nominated for promotion or when you are attending interviews.

It will be obvious to those interviewing you if you have the requisite experience or not.Employers will pay for your experience. They pay for your understanding of different systems, models, ability to deal with difficult people, machines, ability to substitute raw materials, creativity in solving complex problems, and your ingenuity.

Your experience increases your earning power.Work on it.


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