Man digging well: A picture that depicts tenacity

A lot of people are discouraged today because they have labored much more than their peers, and the results obtained are not similar. They have made so many efforts, but the outcomes are nothing to write about. They are ashamed, confused and possibly discouraged. There is always that hesitance to mingle with their friends and old school mates because they feel they have not done well. The frustration is palpable. They have dug wells but found no water.  They are even about to give up digging. Perhaps, in their minds, they have been destined not to have certain things in their lives. That is not so. The picture I have painted is what life is and we can only deal with what is within our capacity and that is your tenacity. The number of times each one of us will dig a well before we find water differ from one individual to another.  This is the irony of life

Some people got their spouse from their first relationship. Some did not have to write entrance exams into the university more than once before they got their admission. There are quite a good number who have never failed a professional exam; they wrote all their papers once and passed. Some got their job from their first interview. A few had to send less than five resumes before they got called for an interview, and they got the job. Some people contested for a political position once and they won the election. Some were not that lucky. They had to contest more than three times before they made it. Life is never a straight line.

Perhaps you have tried to leave your current job with no success. You must not stop trying. Don’t stop digging. You will soon find water. Some years ago, as a middle level manager, I desired a change of level and possibly a change of job, I sent out over 250 applications in the space of nine months. This yielded 15 interviews and none of these led to a job. Some reached out to me few years later. This was after I had landed another job. You may have tried many businesses with no success.

You may have taken entrance examination into the university with no results. You may be experiencing frustration from your professional exams. You must not stop trying. You may have contested several times but no victory, don’t stop. Keep digging. You may have made several entries for a scholarship or admission but to no avail. This is not the time to stop. Keep digging. Water is not far away. Failure is not final until you stop trying. The only person that can make you stop trying is you. No matter the number of times a striker misses his attempts at the goal post, he will not stop trying until he scores the goal and possibly wins the match.

Never ever compare the number of times your friend dug his well to yours. You are digging on a different soil. You have different diggers. You are endowed with different strengths and destinies. Every man is peculiar in his own way. Life is not lived by two people in the same way. One of the causes of frustration is the comparison we make with friends and colleagues. Everyone is different and peculiar. Even twins have to dig their wells differently and each one will have to dig it facing different scenarios and challenges. Make a commitment to yourself to remain resolute and tenacious in the face of daunting challenges. Keep digging your own well. You may have to dig it many more times before you find water. My post may be relevant to you in the area of career, finance, politics, business, marriage or projects. You must not stop trying. It is not about what happens to you in life but what you do with what happens to you.

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